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Du Vieux Marché

 Para Tus Ojos 
Lagrimas AzulesRA or MP3Gypsy JavaRA or MP3
Calles De OroRA or MP3Villa De La CruzRA or MP3
Amada Rubia 
Grandma's Song Spanish Blues 
A Road Less Traveled Esa Guera 
Heaven's MysteryRA or MP3Green Eyes 

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"Du Vieux Marché" A town in France where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. "Lagrimas Azules" "Blue Tears" "Calles De Oro" "Streets of Gold" "Amada" "Loved one" Grandma's Song" Dedicated to my grandmother."A Road Less Traveled" a prelude to "Heavens Mystery". "Para tus Ojo's" "For your Eye's only " . "Gypsy Java" Gypsy Caffeine. "Villa de la Cruz" "Road to the Cross" . "Rubia" blonde hair woman. "Spanish Blues" a bluesy Spanish tune. "Esa Guera" "that fair skin woman". "Green Eyes" is a short jingle.


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